Zip Lining

With all the activities and things to see in Brown County, I most wanted to try zip-lining and conquer a fear of mine.  I’ve been once before on a girls trip to Costa Rica, however, I had a slight accident and ended up bruised and banged up.  My left arm really made for a great conversation piece for the rest of the trip though.  Lesson learned:  third world country engineering is not to be trusted… and maybe my own common sense could be lacking.  Either way, the whole experience brought on a newly developed fear of heights.

Enter Holler Hoppin’ Zip Lines at Rawhide Ranch.  An hour and a half zip line experience through their “hollers”.  Six hops and 1100 feet of zip line fun.  My feelings were more of terror, but then again, I’m tainted.

The adventure started with suiting up in the equipment room.  Belts, harness, hooks, handle, and helmet.  Yep, not the most attractive ensemble, hugging me in all the wrong places, but I felt strapped in and secure.


New friends from Colorado, Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne


The day turned to warm & sunny providing the perfect scenery of sunlight peeking through the lush, tall green landscape.  The entertaining and enthusiastic guides, Walker and Intern Daniel, really added to the overall experience.  They told hilarious stories and jokes, all while giving us direction and making everyone feel relaxed.  Holler Hoppin’ strives to make it a well rounded interaction and not adrenaline alone, and they do an excellent job at it.

Video – Trek to the hollers

I used the convenient excuse of needing to shoot video of everyone as my reason for going last on the first hop.  Sweaty palms, the treacherous 4 foot jump-off, the leering lens of the camera.   I was thisclose to backing out.  Jeez, I can be so dramatic.  A quick mental pep talk and some humor from Walker and I was off.

Video – Kelly’s First Zip

Victory!  After my graceful platform landing, I felt like a professional.  Ready to tackle the next five.  This wasn’t scary, this was fun!  On to the next…

Some of the other lines were longer, or faster, or on a higher platform, but after conquering the first one and gaining confidence, all fears were diminished.  I was able to settle in and enjoy the ride.  Fast enough for a little thrill, but still able to comfortably glide and take in the view.

Video – Other zip line

This is a great experience for first timers, or anyone looking to get out and enjoy the outdoors of Brown County.  It’s family friendly and easy enough for all ages (within weight restrictions). They run various seasonal promotions throughout the year, in addition to also offering a night-time zip.  I’ll definitely be planning additional trips to take the kids, my visiting relatives, and myself to experience it with the different season changes.   Hop On!

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