Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm

Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm

Yep, there is an alpaca farm right here in Brown County.  It’s primary operation is for breeding and fiber production, however, the owner gives tours for only $2!!  On the tour, you can hang out in the pen or in the field and feed the alpacas.  The owner, Bill, is very passionate about his fairly new ad-venture.  He does an informal and welcoming tour where he’ll discuss caring for and breeding the alpacas, as well as, anything else you’re interested in. 

Originally from South America, they resemble a llama in appearance and are bred specifically for their fiber.  They are cautiously friendly in general, however, Bill says they tend to take a special liking to children and the disabled.  I was bummed to find out they don’t really like to have that fuzzy hairdo rubbed.

Click here for Alpaca Video

In the small on-site store, they sell socks, mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, and teddy bears made from the fiber.  I own two pairs of the socks.  Since the temperature has fallen below 50, I practically live in them.  The bears are SO soft, and because the alpaca hair is made to deflect dirt, they stay very clean.  Same goes for the socks.  I only have to wash them every two weeks or so.  Except for my husband’s.  There’s no telling what he does in his.

How cute are these kid mittens??

Check out the Whispering Pines website for info on setting up a tour, or to purchase any of their products.

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