Farmhouse Cafe & Tea Room

Lunchtime on a warm, sunny Friday.  Suzanne and I were throwing around suggestions and Farmhouse Cafe was quickly decided on.  What better way to seize the day and celebrate spring fever than a relaxing country drive out to the restored restaurant farmhouse that offers a fresh seasonal menu.  I had been to the picturesque property before to buy mums at the Flower and Herb Barn (the location also includes a local nursery), but hadn’t yet eaten at the popular cafe.  Located a few miles out of town, Brown County is such a beautiful place to get “lost”, that I jumped at the chance for some backroads driving.

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Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Friday.  Warm-ish weather.  Big weekend plans.  My mind was anywhere except in the office.  Either its winter and/or working in a fun little town like Nashville, but lately my mind goes right to food/candy/ice cream/goodies.  I thought I’d skip (ok not really skip, more like an excited walk) down to the Nashville Fudge Kitchen for a friendly visit and a quick lesson on fudge makin’, where owners Vic and Debbie were happy to demonstrate the process.SONY DSC

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Spring Fever = Retail Therapy

It snowed this week.  In March.  What the heck is going on?  Apparently, in the rest of the country (outside my home state of Florida), winter doesn’t end until late March!  Who knew?!?  So while my hometown friends post Facebook pictures and comments about their toes in the sand and drinking Coronas, I am left to lace up my snow boots and shovel our driveway.  Fun times. Continue reading