Melchior Marionette Theatre

Melchior Marionette Theatre

Squeezed between two buildings in a small alleyway, I’ve walked by this colorful tiny outdoor theatre numerous times on my way to lunch or browsing around town.  I had half written it off as children’s entertainment, not something that would likely capture my attention and satisfy my “advanced” humor so I was holding off on seeing it with the kids on a weekend I could pry them away from the tween dramas of the Disney channel.  Instead, I found myself popping in with a friend on a Thursday afternoon in October, for their seasonal performance of the “Slightly Haunted Puppet Theatre”.  I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered. Continue reading

Zip Lining

With all the activities and things to see in Brown County, I most wanted to try zip-lining and conquer a fear of mine.  I’ve been once before on a girls trip to Costa Rica, however, I had a slight accident and ended up bruised and banged up.  My left arm really made for a great conversation piece for the rest of the trip though.  Lesson learned:  third world country engineering is not to be trusted… and maybe my own common sense could be lacking.  Either way, the whole experience brought on a newly developed fear of heights. Continue reading

Apple Works

I’ve been jumping at the chance to participate in any cliché fall activity since my childhood was so “deprived” of any season change.  I’ve also recently become a new step-mom so I’m living out my second childhood through their eyes.  It’s been… interesting, but that’s a whole other blog.  So I packed up the family and headed to Apple Works for a day of fall fun.  It’s a pretty little back road drive to get to this hidden apple orchard which features a pond, picnic area, farm animals, playhouse, and a country store.  They put on various annual events, specific to the season, but fall is THE time to come.  Although not technically in Brown County, it’s a close reach so we like to stake a little claim on the festive attraction.  Continue reading

Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour

Typically in school you learn the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  In Florida, you learn: summer, summer-y, not summer but still hot, and Christmas.  I grew up sweating in my Halloween costume, spending Christmas in our pool and New Years Day at the beach.  This year is my first official fall and I am beyond excited!  Fortunately for me, I moved to an area famous for beautiful landscape and spectacular fall foliage.  Now that it has arrived, I love my country road drive to/from work every day, eager to see new vibrant colors.

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