Spring Fever = Retail Therapy

It snowed this week.  In March.  What the heck is going on?  Apparently, in the rest of the country (outside my home state of Florida), winter doesn’t end until late March!  Who knew?!?  So while my hometown friends post Facebook pictures and comments about their toes in the sand and drinking Coronas, I am left to lace up my snow boots and shovel our driveway.  Fun times. Continue reading

Parking & Restrooms

The number one question we get in the Visitors Center is, “Where are the bathrooms?”….and then the person quickly runs off in that direction, doing a little dance along the way.  Sometimes you can read the look on their face, and answer them before they can even ask.  Continue reading

Brown County Eats

So, I’ve been very sick recently (note the lack of posts…my apologies), and now that I’m all better, my appetite is back, and its BIG.  I felt a Brown County food post was most appropriate.

The Gnaw Mart Tenderloin

I’ve heard about the pork tenderloin since day one in Indiana.  Just about every restaurant in this area, maybe even the state (?), has it on their menu.  From what I hear, the “Original” tenderloin is to be had at the Gnaw Mart in Gnaw Bone.

Continue reading