Brown County Vittles: Suzanne’s Favorites

A crisp refreshing drink of heaven!  I have found a totally refreshing, tickle your taste buds sweet drink for everyone to try. It is lemonade infused with lavender.  Muddy Boots Cafe sells this summertime favorite.  We’ve all had iced cold lemonade on a hot day, but have you ever had lavender combined with fresh lemonade?  It makes your taste buds jump up and take notice… You can treat yourself to this year round, you just need to ask your server and they will accommodate your lavender craving.  I suggest you jump in and try this crisp, refreshing slice of nature. Yum! Continue reading

Brown County Vittles: Brooke’s Favorites


Pulled pork has got to be one of my favorite foods in this world.  Little did I know, Trolly’s has the best Hickory Smoked Pork Barbeque sandwich I’ve ever bitten into.  If you like smoked food, you have got to try this; the best part about the sandwich is that you can taste the smoke from the grill.  There’s a very large variety of barbeque sauces to choose from so you can tailor your sandwich to your taste buds.  The sandwich comes with a pickle spear and a bag of chips.  I highly recommend this sandwich for any pulled pork lover. Continue reading

Brown County Vittles: M.J.’s Favorites

I don’t think there is anywhere in Nashville to eat where you can go wrong with the food. Everything is just so tasty. It was hard to just pick my top three foods.

arroz con polloArroz con Pollo from Casa Del Sol is my favorite dish by far. I have a love for Mexican food, and the first day they opened at their new downtown location, I was there! Arroz con Pollo is a dish I get at many Mexican restaurants, but Casa del Sol does it right. Arroz con Pollo is Mexican rice topped with grilled chicken, then drenched in cheese sauce (who doesn’t love cheese sauce!). The dish also comes with tortilla shells to put all the yummy goodness in, and eat all in one!

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Brown County Vittles: Jamie’s Favorites

One thing I definitely love to talk about is food. Especially right now. At 7, almost 8 months pregnant, food is my best friend – and I have some great best friends in Brown County! :)

I tend to be a picky eater, so when I find something I love I stick with it and order it again and again and again. It was hard to pick only 3 to talk about as I usually have a monthly routine that includes a number of places downtown.

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