Hey Y’all!


Even though I work in Brown County, having only lived in Indiana for a few months now, I am essentially a tourist.  Born and raised in Florida, everything here is new to me.  The sight-seeing, the hilly landscape, the comfort cuisine, the weather (more than two seasons!!), the Hoosier culture, and even the basketball… Yes, I’m aware that’s a sin around here but in the south we live and die by our college football.  (Go ‘Noles!)

So that’s why I’m here.  To be a tourist in beautiful, rustic Brown County, Indiana.  To eat, sleep, and breathe all things Brown County, and live to tell you about it.  From outdoor adventure to food tasting, shopping to lodging, sight-seeing to various local events, I hope to paint a fun, informational, and insightful picture of our artsy haven.  Check in regularly to follow my journey!


More information on planning your own Brown County adventure can be found at www.browncounty.com. expired domain names . Catalan phrases .

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