Apple Works

I’ve been jumping at the chance to participate in any cliché fall activity since my childhood was so “deprived” of any season change.  I’ve also recently become a new step-mom so I’m living out my second childhood through their eyes.  It’s been… interesting, but that’s a whole other blog.  So I packed up the family and headed to Apple Works for a day of fall fun.  It’s a pretty little back road drive to get to this hidden apple orchard which features a pond, picnic area, farm animals, playhouse, and a country store.  They put on various annual events, specific to the season, but fall is THE time to come.  Although not technically in Brown County, it’s a close reach so we like to stake a little claim on the festive attraction. 

Immediately, I felt a mix of the scent of baked apples and barbeque (and the occasional barnyard whiff), sounds of giggling children (and the intermittent temper tantrum), the bright colors of pumpkins, gourds, and mums and the perfect crisp breeze.  It felt exactly like what October should feel like.  So cozy.  The kids were off like lightning, distracted by shiny objects while I was left to deflect traffic, sparing their lives.  Just call me Supermom.  Thank god I dressed the little one in red.  He’s a wanderer.

Which direction to go first??  There was face painting, pony rides, and a train.  A petting zoo, play house, and wagon rides.  The kids ran wild in the play house and catapulted themselves off the hay pyramid.  We fed barnyard animals and then settled in to enjoy lunch and listen to live music.  The event alone is free, and then there is a reasonable price for the various activities, food, souvenirs, etc.  We had lunch and ice cream, and only spent a few quarters on feeding the animals so overall, a very inexpensive family outing.  Not to mention, an excellent way to entertain and wear out the kids for a couple of hours.  We bypassed the winding corn maze since “someone” woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am.  Nap time was looming, more so for the big people than little ones.  Grabbing a bag of apples to enjoy at home, we headed back out on the country road, satisfied with our fall fix.


Speaking of fall, check out the Brown County leaf cam here!  Lots of color change, just in the last week!


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