Growing and Expanding: Two Brown County Businesses Getting Bigger and Better

Two of Brown County’s beloved business have expanded (or are currently in the process)! That’s right, Brown County’s very own survival superstore, Apache Tactical, along with the one-of-a-kind Hillbilly Footwash, have grown in size, services, and spirit to better meet their customers’ needs. Not only have both of these stores gained a lot of square footage, but they’ve also gotten a facelift. All the more reason to check them out!

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Sweet Fun at the National Maple Syrup Festival

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Brown County hosted the National Maple Syrup Festival on March 5-6. After all, Brown County has been buzzing with maple talk and festivities for weeks now (or should we say months if you really knew all the planning and preparation that went into the Festival)! There’s no denying it, everyone has been mad about maple around here. But by the looks of how the Festival went last weekend, it seems like Brown County’s maple mania was a hit!

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Tap the Town: A Real Sap to Syrup Experience

When you think of maple syrup, what words come to mind? Sticky? Sweet? Maybe even pancakes? All very relatable and great ways to describe the tasty syrupy goodness. However, to some, maple syrup means so much more!

Ask someone in the maple biz what they think of when they hear the word syrup and you’re likely to get a whole different list: tap, spile, hydrometer, evaporator. Say what? That’s right, there’s a completely other side to syrup that you’ve probably never thought of.

tappedtree  BVB-169-Tap the Town-Logo-Distress A-Red-FNL  11045329_1075512309131432_1021889560170815130_n   

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