To the Backwaters and Beyond: Kayaking the County with Most High Adventure Outfitters

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never return to its original dimensions” – Oliver Holmes. A fitting quote for Most High Adventure Outfitters, whose website I found it on. Most High, which specializes in local canoe, kayak, boating, and biking trips definitely pushes the boundaries of its customers, expanding their horizons and providing them with an experience unlike any other they’ve ever had!

Guaranteeing a true wilderness adventure, Most High takes its trip-goers along the backwaters and into the backwoods of Brown County. Exploring the less traveled parts of the county and beyond, they’re all about getting rid of life’s distractions and simply enjoying nature.

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New Nashville Express Co-Owner Keeps Tradition Alive One Ride at a Time

All aboard! Chances are if you’ve been in the Village, you’ve seen the classic Nashville Express. After all, how could you miss it?! Rolling through town daily from May through October is the large black train, packed full of curious visitors eager to see what’s around the next corner.

A Brown County staple for nearly four decades, the Nashville Express is the perfect way to take in all the sights. Simply sit back and relax on the 2.5 mile scenic tour of Nashville, complete with a brief history lesson from the conductor.

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Zippin’ and Zoomin’ at eXplore Brown County

Imagine being nearly 70 feet in the air, traveling at speeds around 40 mph, strapped in only by a harness. Seems pretty scary, right?! Or maybe you think it sounds fun. Either way, that’s exactly what it’s like at eXplore Brown County on their zip line tour adventures.

Being the thrill seeker and roller coaster lover that I am, I was definitely on board when some of my fellow co-workers at the CVB mentioned zip lining at eXplore Brown County.

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Keeping It All in the Family: New Owners Take Over the Brown County Inn

The Brown County Inn has always been a popular spot for both those staying overnight and those just popping in for a meal. It seems like everyone, whether they know the name or not, can always recall that “place on the corner of the edge of town.” The Brown County Inn has built a reputation for itself, that even though its ownership has changed, its legacy as a Brown County classic will continue.

Officially under new ownership since May, the Brown County Inn has already gotten a facelift, with many changes happening both inside and out! I had some time to talk with one of the new owners, Courtney Gosser, and got the scoop on the exciting new plans for the hotel.

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